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I can not register / I do not receive a registration confirmation e-mail.


Before you register to our online store, please make sure that all your details and email address are correctly filled in...



How to buy in your online shop?


Detailed buying guide can be found by clicking here .



Can I buy if I live outside Lithuania? Also ...

Are you sending the ordered goods to foreign countries and what is the cost of delivery? If so - how can I  pay?


Yes, we accept orders not only from Lithuania, but also from foreign buyers. Shipping cost may vary in each case and it depends on the weight of your selected items, package size and the country in which you live. Payment is possible by bank transfer or PayPal payment system. We repeat once again that all orders will be analyzed in detail, all your questions about the goods, their delivery and payment – are answered individually. This way we seek optimal price, and the best solution for You.


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Perch'ik Palmer - col.01 (2"/10pcs)
Perch'ik Palmer - col.01 (2
2.50 €
Perch'ik Palmer - col.02 (2"/10pcs)
Perch'ik Palmer - col.02 (2
2.50 €
Perch'ik Palmer - col.03 (2"/10pcs)
Perch'ik Palmer - col.03 (2
2.50 €
Perch'ik Palmer - col.04 (2"/10pcs)
Perch'ik Palmer - col.04 (2
2.50 €
Perch'ik Palmer - col.05 (2"/10pcs)
Perch'ik Palmer - col.05 (2
2.50 €
Perch'ik Palmer - col.06 (2"/10pcs)
Perch'ik Palmer - col.06 (2
2.50 €
Perch'ik Palmer - col.07 (2"/10pcs)
Perch'ik Palmer - col.07 (2
2.50 €
Perch'ik Palmer - col.08 (2"/10pcs)
Perch'ik Palmer - col.08 (2
2.50 €
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