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NOIKE BITEGUTS Donkey BOO 3" #118Gran Hooking Master HEAVY-Class (ofsetiniai kabliukai) nuo # 1 iki 4/0 dydžio

Owner TwistLock vienšakiai kabliukai 5168-146 size 4/0 (4 vnt.)
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Owner TwistLock vienšakiai kabliukai 5168-146 size 4/0 (4 vnt.)

Prekės kodas: 5168-146
Kaina: 4.71 €

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Kabliuko Nr.# 4/0
Kabliuko ilgis (YY) -  mm52 mm
Kabliuko aukštis (XX) -  mm23 mm

Nurodyta kaina - už pakuotę.

Pakuotėje - 4 vnt.


The Twistlock Flipping Hook is a revolutionary new flipping hook. While traditional flipping hooks have straight shanks and tedious methods of securing bait heads to the shank, the TFH takes this category to a whole new level. With the patent pending CPS (Centering Pin Spring), baits can be rigged quickly and perfectly straight with no extra modifications needed, and the CPS holding power is second to none. This hook also features Owner's new Zo WireT, that is significantly stronger than other traditional high carbon steel wires and will hold up with the largest of braided lines and the biggest of fish. This means smaller hook wire diameters for better penetration and the strongest of hook points that will not roll over or dull. Also featured on this hook is Owner's new Silky Gray frictionless finish with "Teflon" like properties that allow superior hook penetration and added help with bait clearance upon hooksets.

Pagaminta - Japonijoje.

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